Aside from traditional recruitment, we are also able to offer other services to our clients which include:


Payroll services - If you have your own casual staff but need them payrolled, we can help.

Reference checking – We can take independent reference checks for your own direct hires

Excel or Microsoft Office testing  - We have a full range of testing available, covering all levels of Excel & Microsoft office use.

Psychometric testing – Highly useful and in depth testing to understand the psyche of your potential recruit, or even your existing team members.

Career planning – We can consult on what candidates typically look for in a new role and employer, which can help you to tailor your offerings to attract the best talent possible.

Events & Networking – We hold regular round table events to offer our clients the chance to meet their peers in other businesses, whilst allowing your own networks to grow and flourish. We also hold career guidance events, with guest speakers discussing their own career paths and how they’ve reach their current role or position.

General Tips & Advice – Got a question loosely related to recruitment, staff or your own career but don’t know who to ask? Try us! And if we don’t know the answer ourselves we can be sure to put you in touch with someone who does.



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PARRAMATTA: Ground Floor, 35 Smith Street. Parramatta NSW 2150