Video interview etiquette.

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In todays’ world, video interviews are the norm and will probably continue to be well into 2022. Prior to lockdowns, you were familiar and well drilled with how to interview in person, you had a bunch of tips from your recruiter and off you went, ready to reveal your ‘firm handshake’.

These days of course you can’t shake your interviewer’s hand, but there are still plenty of video interview ‘do’s & don’ts’ you need to be aware of:

Camera placement:

DO make sure you’re sitting at least 1 meter from your device, with your face at approximately the same level as your device, and center of screen.

DON’T sit in front of a window, your face will be in total shadow for the interviewer.

DON’T sit in front a very busy background, try to find somewhere with a neutral backdrop.

DON’T hold your phone in your hand whilst interviewing, the movement will give your interviewer motion sickness! Instead, find something to prop your phone against, on a flat surface. Still is best.

Sound & Audio:

DO make sure your microphone/ volume control is turned up to at least 75% so that you can be heard clearly

DON’T interview with other background noise in the same room. Turn off any TV/ radio, sit your kids in front of their favorite TV show, put the dog in the garden, go to another room.  

DO check that your interviewer can hear you clearly when the interview commences.

Standard interview etiquette:

DO always maintain eye contact with your interviewer (as you would in person)

DO make sure you are appropriately dressed for a formal interview (at least above the waste!)

DON’T forget to come prepared with questions, show interest in the role & company, and always remember to thank the interviewer for their time.

Following these tips & tricks will help to present you in a professional and organized manner, and could hopefully help you clinch your dream role!

For more interview tips & preparation, feel free to reach out to Marcus Stubbs or Androulla Leonida

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